Street Art by Vic Lee at the Israel Plarium HQ


Everyone has heard of Banksy, but there is another highly talented street artist that isn’t as well known – Vic Lee. Recently, Plarium Headquarters in Israel made this London street artist an offer he couldn’t refuse – the opportunity to paint one of the studio walls in a style befitting our hardcore games.

For an indication of what happened next, one just has to read what the artist himself wrote on his Facebook page: “Bit of a childhood moment, drawing dragons and knights and gladiators, tanks and futuristic cities. Surely not a job to turn down!”

Those who have previously tried to define Vic Lee’s illustrations have come back with answers ranging from Contemporary Victorian to Fantasy, noting the many depictions in his art of elements from urban legends and fairy tales. Others describe Lee’s style as witty, imaginative, or complex, and it testifies to his ability that these elements more often than not find their way into a single illustration.

With his use of dynamic graphics, memorable fonts, and gritty black and white hues, Lee’s illustrations have been commissioned by everyone from Mercedes-Benz, Marks & Spencer, Brompton Bicycle, and many other major brands.

For his work at Plarium HQ in Israel, Lee sought to reflect the world and mythology of the player, as well as the energetic, fun vibe prevalent at Plarium Studios. The end result sees both Plarium and Vic Lee overwhelmingly satisfied with the work. Lee was particularly thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet many other extremely talented artists at the Studio. What started as mutual admiration just might develop into an ongoing working relationship!