Plarium’s Lviv Studio

Plarium opened its Lviv studio in 2014. Currently, over 80 specialists work together in the studio to support the company’s games. The team includes:

— 2D Artists, who work on concept art and graphics for our world-class games

— Designers, who create images, animations, and video content to support Plarium projects worldwide

— Customer Support Agents, who provide comprehensive support to players from over 150 countries

At Plarium Lviv, we take pride in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to challenge themselves, hone their professional skills, and advance their careers.

The studio is always growing and striving to reach new heights. Join us for the journey and, as we like to say, take the world!

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What we offer
  • Officially registered full-time employment & minimum of 25 calendar days of paid vacation annually
  • Medical support and fully paid leave if you or your child are sick
  • Individual development plan and regular feedback
  • Professional seminars, workshops, courses, and internal training programs
  • Counseling with psychologists and mental health workshops
  • Reimbursement of gym membership fees, and a running club
Inside Our Studio

Plarium Lviv is a team of determined experts who strive every day to develop their skills. The team prides itself on its professionalism and capacity for self-assessment.

The studio is also known for its friendly working environment. New employees should be experts in their field, but also individuals with a positive worldview and a continuous desire to advance in their profession. This mix of creativity, positivity, and skill defines the atmosphere at Plarium Lviv.

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Employee stories
ganulyak small
Lead Customer Support Agent

I’ve been working at Plarium for 3 years and there’s no doubt that this company has become an integral part of my life. Before coming to Plarium I never imagined that the desire to advance within one company can only grow as time goes on. Plarium gives you loads of opportunities to advance yourself. If you want to hone your skills and are willing to learn, you’ll definitely be given a chance to prove yourself. Having a highly organized system for doing things is also one of Plarium’s key characteristics, and that organization is remarkably useful when it comes to doing daily tasks.

I’d also like to mention our wonderful Lviv-based team. I always wonder how the 14 people that make up our Customer Support Service can manage to lend assistance to more than 250 million players, develop existing projects, and constantly generate and implement new ideas. And yet we manage to do that every day! We’re only able to achieve such results thanks to the creativity, enthusiasm, and committedness of each team member. I’m proud to be part of such a team.

Plarium fosters an atmosphere of mutual understanding, positive motivation, encouragement to advance, and sincere family-like relationships. With such an environment we’re all eager to arrive at the office each day and try our hardest to achieve our shared goals.

kravchenko small
2D Artist

My journey with Plarium started in 2015.

I didn’t have much experience working in the gamedev industry but I’ve loved playing games ever since I was a kid and I always knew that my future job would be related somehow to gamedev.

You’re at work 5 days a week, so it’s very important that the place you work makes you smile and feel energetic. Plarium is just such a place for me.

Going in, I had no idea what awaited me. It turned out to be a company full of bright people ready to help, guide, and cheer me on every step of the way.

Learning new things has always been my priority. Plarium’s unique corporate culture provides endless opportunities for professional advancement.

Most of all I love to work among cool people who share their enthusiasm and desire to create.

kurdiumova small
Lead Customer Support Agent

I’ve been working at Plarium Lviv since the studio opened here in 2014. I had no previous experience working in customer support or at a gamedev company. Despite that, there hasn’t been a single day that I’ve regretted my decision to become part of the Plarium team.

Working for the company has allowed me to face new challenges and grow professionally.  It’s also provided me with a sense of security because here I receive constant support. High standards, big opportunities – that’s what Plarium means to me.

nakonechna small
Customer Support Agent

When I decided to entirely change my line of work (I used to work as an English teacher) and join Plarium, I had no idea what to expect or what kind of problems players contacted the Customer Support Service with.

Back then I didn’t know how interesting the job of Support Agent actually was, how much the team was doing for both the players and the company, and how addressing issues that came in was just the tip of the iceberg.

During the last three and a half years I lived my own small Plarium life. There were both important achievements and unpleasant failures. There were moments when it seemed like nothing would work out and there were moments of great confidence. But I always knew that this was the right path to take. I learned to never give up, strive for more, believe in myself, and accurately assess my own work. I look forward to new challenges and interesting tasks. I’m glad that the coolest, most fun, creative, and interesting people – my team – will be by my side to face any challenges that may arise.

sherbakov small
Customer Support Agent

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for Plarium at two different studios. I worked at Plarium Kharkiv and then, two years ago, transferred over to Plarium Lviv. The entire time I’ve felt at home working among extremely open and talented people.

I’ve learned so much during this time. Communicating with our players has been great and has motivated me to learn more about game mechanics and the player psyche. My worldview and understanding of people has really been transformed. Working on the knowledge base for the support site inspired me to develop my copywriting skills. Each new work day brings with it a cool new experience and fills me with happiness because I’m at a place where I know my ideas are appreciated.

What unites us? Achieving our goals. We contribute to the creation of great projects and with each other’s support, we grow and advance. We give 120% to everything we do.

Our team has gone through a lot of transitions too. After some experimentation, it feels like everyone on the team has the ability to work on the tasks they like best. But the thing that keeps us all here is the positive team spirit.

It starts from those team members who are most creative and are able to apply themselves to their tasks with a degree of real precision and focus. Even then, our team is serious about work, but loves to have fun. It’s never boring here, that’s for sure!

skalska small

2018 began with me officially becoming an employee at Plarium. In previous years I worked remotely.

Back then I didn’t realize that 8 hours, a full working day, could mean so much. It’s always been important for me that these hours aren’t just taken up by a job you love, but also consist of self-development and communication with talented people.

Since my first day at this company my motto has been: “You can do it even if you are a little princess!” A company that believes in you and your abilities pushes you to move forward and encourages your self-development. There are a thousand and one opportunities to do just this, and not taking advantage of them would be a huge mistake.

When I come to work in the morning, I know that my presence is eagerly anticipated by my diligent colleagues, all of whom love their jobs. When I see how radiant their eyes are when they finally hit upon the right word, I know that’s what a philologist’s idea of heaven is. It’s important to be surrounded by people inspired by the same cause. That to me is like being the cog that prevents the entire mechanism from failing. There’s only forwards and that’s what inspires me. Plarium inspires!

vodolazskii small
2D Design Team Lead

I joined the company in 2014 after an old acquaintance of mine sent me the link to apply for the vacancy. Before joining Plarium I worked in the polygraph industry. It was thanks to my love for games that I realized I would like to have a career in the gamedev industry.

I was fortunate enough to witness the evolution of Plarium Lviv and watch its team grow. There were just 11 of us when we started – now our numbers are in the dozens. I’ve watched my colleagues grow professionally over these past 4 years as a result of all the challenges that have come our way. Overcoming them was truly a group effort and led us to the knowledge that achieving our goals is only possible if we join together.

Working at Plarium has allowed me to hone my skills and become a true professional.

Plarium Lviv vacancies

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