Plarium's Kyiv studio

The Kyiv studio was opened in the center of the Ukrainian capital in 2014. Over 70 employees can be found roaming the halls of this modern office during work hours. Their goal is one shared by Plarium’s studios across the globe – to develop successful games in an expanding array of genres. This is easier said than done. We may make games that take place in fantasy worlds, but doing so requires us to keep our heads firmly in the real world. To make these worlds a reality then, we’ve gathered together the very best developers, game designers, and artists from across the country. Our bright and talented employees work side-by-side to deliver spectacular action and casual games for mobile and web platforms. Care to join them? We offer exceptional opportunities for professional growth and schedule a number of employee-led events designed to share knowledge between our studios. All of our team members are encouraged to take part in GameDev conferences, industry seminars, and hackathons.

What we offer
  • Energetic and productive work environment
  • Awesome opportunities to grow professionally and achieve your goals with us
  • Comfortable, modern office in Kyiv’s vibrant downtown
  • Wellness package that you can tailor to fit your own needs
Inside Our Studio

Plarium Kyiv allows us even more opportunities to create dynamic games and foster an educational, creative employee culture. As Plarium’s young Ukrainian studio, we are committed to providing the same excellent work-life balance and employee support that Plarium is well known for.

Located just next to the National Opera of Ukraine, our studio was designed to showcase a fun, creative spirit and reflect the freedom and respect that we offer to our employees so that they feel inspired to do their best work.

Employee stories
Konstiantyn Yaroshenko
QA Manager

I joined Plarium in 2012 as a QA engineer. For me, what I love here is that you are given challenging, interesting tasks from day one. It means from the beginning you keep learning new skills and growing as a professional.

Something else I have noticed during my time here is that if you want to focus on something in particular, Plarium will give you the opportunity to do so. You’ll meet a lot of incredible people. Whether you want to work on a gaming project from the beginning or gain the courage to advocate new ideas, you will be supported. Plarium Kyiv gave me the opportunity to build and manage a team that I could only dream of before.

I truly believe in our company’s motto: “Take the world!” I know our games will capture the hearts and minds of players, and bring them many hours of entertainment. In turn, we will always do our best to deliver games of outstanding quality.

Iryne Plesoon
3D Animator

I joined Plarium Kyiv just 5 months ago. Before this, I worked for a larger company in their 3D department. Moving to a smaller, friendlier team is a breath of fresh air. Everyone knows each other’s name and their role in the creative pipeline.

Here at Plarium, I’ve managed to improve my animation skills in less than half a year. It’s no doubt due to the constant assistance and support from my team.

I am so happy to be a part of Plarium Kyiv. I am 100% sure that even cooler projects and art challenges lie ahead!

Maksym Pyvovarchuk
Unity 3D Developer

Every seasoned developer I know has had the moment of asking themselves: “Where do I go from here?”

For me, that moment came in 2015. I had over 5 years of work experience in the game development industry, both in outsourcing and in production companies. I knew I wanted to work in production and build games from scratch. A close friend let me know about a new opportunity in Plarium, and I applied for the position of Unity 3D Developer.

After my interview, I met the team and learned more about their current project. It was a multiplayer game for mobile! I also learned that my future team were passionate, highly experienced professionals. I felt it could not get better than that.

Now it has been over 3 years since I joined Plarium. In that time there has been 2 fully completed projects, 4 developed game prototypes, and the continued growth of the coolest team ever. Right now I am working on one of our AAA projects and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

For me, Plarium has become a place where I can both have fun and enjoy professional challenges. Being able to develop world-class games is a dream come true.