About us


Plarium Global Ltd. is dedicated to creating the best mobile and social experience for our community of over 380 million hardcore and casual gamers worldwide. Our diverse portfolio includes over 20 games ranging from hardcore RPGs to casual adventures, featuring acclaimed titles such as Raid: Shadow Legends, Vikings: War of Clans, Lost Island: Blast Adventure, and the Stormfall franchise.

The App Store and Google Play regularly feature our games, with Facebook twice recognizing us as a top hardcore Facebook developer. We employ more than 1500 specialists and are headquartered in Israel with eight offices and development studios across Europe and the United States.

Our games are available on iOS, Android, as well as all major social networks, including Facebook, VKontakte, and web browsers. They are also available through Plarium Play, our optimized game launcher for PC and Mac players.

We were acquired by Aristocrat in October 2017 and operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Our Ethos

Our mission

We create high quality games for millions of people around the world.

Our vision

Together we will leave our mark on the games industry.

Where we create

Eight studios with one vision. We are driven by over 1500 passionate employees that work in the USA, Israel, Ukraine, and Russia.