Plarium’s Kharkiv Studio

Plarium Kharkiv employs more than 600 professionals. Together we are a team that creates and evolves games for browser and mobile platforms. Since 2009, we have grown from a small startup to one of Ukraine's most highly-rated employers.

We're skilled designers, developers, analysts, and industry specialists. We take strategy, action, and RPG games all the way from concept and development to the market. 

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What we offer
  • Officially registered full-time employment & 28 days of paid vacation leave
  • Complete and inclusive medical insurance package for all employees and their children
  • Professional workshops, training programs, and the opportunity to attend industry conferences online
  • Educational English programs, including online lessons with native speakers
  • Free assistance planning and booking trips from our in-house travel managers
  • A fully-equipped gym, and pilates classes both online and at our office
Inside Our Studio

A creative environment supports creative minds. Here in the Kharkiv studio we work on games that millions of people interact with every day. Onsite benefits, such as our gym and yoga center, make sure we take care of ourselves as well as our players. Quality equipment ensures the work we do is up to a standard we can be proud of.

Employee stories
QA Engineer

I have had the chance to work in four departments at Plarium: first as a Proofreader, then as a QA Engineer. At first, my main roles were editing and localization, but afterwards I decided to try myself in testing. I had to try something new, and this line of work logical represented a logical extension of my skill set.

When I joined Plarium, what impressed me most was the scale of the operation. I was also pleasantly surprised to find how open the communication between colleagues from different departments was. My feeling was that I had joined a company, rather than just a single team. In the three years I have been here, we have become more professional within our teams and the company feels more grown up and serious, a necessary step when the studio employs 700 people instead of 300.

Technical Artist

I started at Plarium as a trainee in the Banner Team, working on gifs and banners. When my period as a trainee ended, I carried for another 8 months, which I really enjoyed. After this, I was offered the position of Technical Artist in the Mobile Team, who needed someone with knowledge of 3D graphics, animation, and VFX.

Even as I did the test task, I wasn’t sure that I could make it in another department. Despite my doubts, both heads of departments and my colleagues supported me, so when I finally switched positions, I knew that everything would be fine.

I love the people at Plarium. There are many talented and experienced people around who I can learn from. I have the opportunity to advance professionally and put my knowledge into practice, and that’s the coolest thing of all.

Unity Software Architect

When I joined the company in 2012, I was really surprised by how ambitious all the managers and employees were. But later I realized it was a core part of our philosophy. Even now, we don’t shy away from taking risks to test our hypotheses.

My inner ambition and desire to find my own limits are what motivate me personally. That’s why it’s so cool that initiative and suggestions are always welcome here at Plarium. Our company provides all the means necessary, and then it’s up to me to realize my ideas.

For a developer, games are just as complex as any big service or application. It’s just that game development is way more fun and dynamic because of the high level of competition and how demanding the users are. As a gamer, I perceive games differently now. I can no longer just play a game without analyzing its technical aspects and gameplay.