Sun Wukong “Monkey King” Becomes a Legendary Champion in RAID: Shadow Legends


Available For Free During a 7-day Loyalty Program Now through October 31st; RAID Launches on Epic Games Store

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – August 22, 2023Plarium, a global leader in developing F2P mobile and PC games with more than 450 million registered gamers worldwide, announced today that Sun Wukong, internationally recognized as “Monkey King” from the 16th century Chinese fiction novel Journey to the West, will be the latest Legendary Champion to join the ranks of acclaimed dark fantasy collection RPG RAID: Shadow Legends. Beginning today through October 31st, RAID players can unlock the Sun Wukong Champion for free by logging into the game on 7 different days. October 23rd is the final day players can begin the loyalty program.

“The Monkey King has long been a popular fictional figure in international entertainment from movies, shows, and of course games, so we couldn’t be more excited to adapt this iconic character in RAID and add him to our growing list of 700+ Champions,” said Meir Deutsch, Chief Marketing Officer at Plarium. “We borrowed aspects of his original depiction and added some RAID-specific touches to make him feel unique, yet still familiar for those who know the novel. His super-human abilities, intelligence, and trickery are a natural fit among other RAID champions.”

Sun Wukong is an attack-type Legendary Champion from the Skinwalkers Faction. Since he is known for his immortality, his unique passive ability revives with full HP and full stamina 3 turns after death. After October 31st, Sun Wukong will no longer be available through the 7-day loyalty program but can be secured at any point through Ancient or Sacred Shards drops.

Plarium is also honoring Wukong’s arrival by officially launching RAID: Shadow Legends on a brand new platform - the Epic Games Store. Players can sign-in using their Epic account for cross-play and synchronized game progression with all other platforms including iOS and Android, Microsoft Store, Plarium Play, and Facebook Gaming.

“We are excited to bring our flagship RPG title to one of the largest PC game stores in the world,” said Ronen Gross, VP of Business Development at Plarium. “With this release on Epic Games Store, we inch even closer to our goal of having RAID available for anyone, anytime, and on any platform and device.”

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