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Plarium has launched the new Throne: Kingdom at War franchise for iOS and Android


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Plarium is proud to announce the release of Throne: Kingdom at War, the first instalment in their new franchise, for Android and iOS devices.

Throne: Kingdom at War is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game set in a fictional medieval world, where players fight to claim the ancient throne of the Kingdom of Amaria after the old King Gerhard’s passing. Players will build their own Towns and armies consisting of Knights, Spearmen, Scouts and more to bludgeon their way to power. Throne offers a gripping original story along with cutting-edge graphics, music and game mechanics to immerse players in a PvE and PvP experience.

“We are excited to bring fans a rich strategy franchise that encompasses some of the most interesting medieval lore with our own unique spin on it,” says Avi Shalel, CEO of Plarium. “We put a lot of an effort into bringing to life our own fictional version of the 13th to 15th centuries, and we provide every player with customization options to allow them to craft their own individual experience and gameplay style.”

Explore a New Medieval Reality with Traditional MMO Strategy Gameplay

  • Construct your own Town: Create your military and resource buildings, a Treasury to hold your riches, customize your Hero in the Manor and more
  • Deep Hero customization: Level up your Hero and Skills according to your personal playing style. Create armor, weapons and equipment that grant considerable bonuses
  • Assemble your army: Many troop classes to choose from including Knights, Spearmen, Ranged, Cavalry, Siege and Scouts
  • Gather and fight for resources: Players must battle and construct buildings to obtain valuable resources like Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron and Silver
  • Join an Order or create your own: Take up arms with fellow Lords or become your own Order Master and lead the charge against opponents in engaging PvP combat

Become Part of an Eternal Struggle

  • Global Tournaments: Take part in a Tournament that crowns its victor as King, bestowing the ability to give Lords certain Reputations that increase or decrease their combat and wealth, and the right to collect tribute in Silver
  • Mine the Kingdom map for resources: Players can capture resource locations and fend off attackers while resources are gathered
  • Participate in Quests and accomplish Errands: Gain Power points and become the strongest Lord by achieving the highest ranking
  • PvP or PvE Gameplay: Form joint raids on enemy Towns, protect your own lands from other players and NPCs, and ask your Order allies for reinforcements when you’re down to your last soldier

Throne: Kingdom at War is now available for users around the globe in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian, and can be accessed on the App Store and on Google Play.

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