Plarium and Ukrainian Leadership Academy launch Talent Booster: Leadership in Game Development project for the second time


Plarium is dedicated to fostering the development of Ukraine’s youth as well as familiarizing them with the games industry. For the second time, together with the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, Plarium has launched the Talent Booster: Leadership in Game Development project, an online career guidance program for young people.

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The project was first launched in 2021, and saw the participation of 120 high school students from Kharkiv. This year, the program welcomed 200 teenagers from across Ukraine, as well as those who were forced to leave the country due to the ongoing war.

From 20 June to 26 August, participants refined their personal and managerial skills at training sessions on emotional and intellectual development held by mentors from the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. Next, they learned how to use those skills to become successful in the games industry as part of career guidance meetings with Plarium specialists.

A total of 31 specialists from Plarium took part in the program, sharing their experience in areas including game design, art, game development, and QA testing.

At the end of the program, participants gathered at an offline forum in Lviv, where they got the chance to meet each other in person and listen to speeches by invited lecturers. All participants received branded gifts, with the winners of the program also awarded tablets.

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Check out the video to learn more about the program!