Plarium's Michigan studio

Plarium Michigan Studio is a small team of industry veterans located in Michigan, USA. Established in early 2015, we work with our partner studios in Plarium by directing the overall vision, game design, and project management details of the games we make. While we specialize in the art and science of game design, our talented team’s expertise also spans areas such as programming, UI design, storytelling, project management, and more. As avid gamers ourselves, we’re passionate about creating amazing games. We strive to create cutting edge, exciting, and unique experiences that players won’t soon forget. We’re excited to be building the future mega-hits of the mobile games industry – won’t you come join us?

Our Ethos

Our mission

We create highly quality games for millions of people around the world.

Our vision

Together we will leave our mark on the games industry.

Inside Our Studio

Gamer culture is everywhere in the Michigan studio. One step through the front door and it’s clear: This is an office of hardcore gamers. From our arcade machine to the video game themed coffee mugs, we live and breathe video games daily.

Our passion for games drives us to build great experiences that we can all be proud of working on. We encourage everyone in the office to hold each other to a high standard of quality – and this emphasis on collaboration and quality is evidenced by our mobile desks, dynamic office layout, and cutting-edge equipment.

By creating a fun, collaborative environment and empowering everyone in the team to speak up when they see room for improvement, we’re constantly evolving and improving how we work. This passionate work ethic allows us to achieve a high standard of quality not only in the games we make, but also in the working culture and environment within which we make them.

Employee stories
Benjy Kaplan
Narrative Designer

I began working for Plarium as a narrative designer in 2016. It’s my first job in the industry, and I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in. But the team at Plarium is incredibly supportive. Everyone is eager to help bring me up to speed on industry terms, practices, terminology—you name it. My skills have grown tremendously since I started, and there’s opportunity around every corner.

Plarium is great about helping their employees meet their professional goals. Or, in my case, help direct you toward what those professional goals could be. The guidance, training and resources they provide are invaluable. They genuinely have their employees’ best interests at heart.

Jacquelyn Boshoven
Senior UI/UX Designer

I began working for Plarium in 2015. Before I came to Plarium, I worked with another game development studio focused on the PC market with a few small projects for mobile. Though I am mostly a PC gamer, I found designing and developing within mobile spaces an interesting challenge. When Plarium opened up a studio in Michigan, this felt like the perfect opportunity to push myself  to design and develop within this space.

I originally started as a UI/UX Developer and Graphic Designer. Since working with Plarium, my understanding for mobile interface design has grown, as has my team management and leadership skills. I started to focus more on the layout and flow of our interfaces, as well as how to convey these ideas over to our artists and developers. Soon I was promoted to Senior UI/UX Designer. Plarium has opened many doors for me and I look forward to continuing to grow with this company. It is clear to me how truly invested they are in their employees: if there is a goal you have for your career, Plarium is sure to not only support you, but to provide you with a path to get there.

Ryan Shackelford
Senior Technical Designer

I started my journey at Plarium in 2015 as a game designer when the Michigan studio first opened its doors. Before Plarium I worked on multiplayer PC games, but I was excited to work on a new mobile project.

I’ve grown more in the past few years than I thought possible. The leadership team at Plarium does a great job at pushing its employees to constantly reach their goals and set new ones. I’ve become a better designer, programmer, and I’ve developed my communication skills.

Working here has been a unique challenge; we collaborate with other Plarium studios around the world on a daily basis. While this can be difficult at times, it is immensely rewarding. Plarium has assembled some truly talented teams of people from all different backgrounds. And while the professional relationships alone are immensely valuable, I can honestly say I’ve made some good friends while traveling to our other studios. It feels a bit cliché to say Plarium is a family, but it’s not far from the truth.

Dylan Jeffery
Game Designer

I joined the Plarium team in 2015 as a Game Designer after being a Producer, Media Manager and Game Designer with another smaller Game Studio. Several friends who worked here had nothing but great things to say, so there was no question that being part of a company that made so many people happy was the place for me.

New challenges, exciting obstacles and interesting problems to solve present themselves every day here, keeping the work fun and engaging. The culture is one that thrives on allowing all team members to grow in any way they desire and supporting them in all aspects of life, which is something I have never experienced before.

The constant ability to learn and grow with everyone around me has allowed me to gain skills, knowledge and confidence in all aspects of Game Design that I would not have gotten working anywhere else.

Plarium Michigan vacancies

There are currently no vacancies in this studio

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