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Israeli Game Design team is one of the largest in Plarium and responsible for design, analysis, feature concepts, and game balance of our projects. The team contains several feature designers, balance designers, level designers and more. Working hand-to-hand with other departments, our job is to provide the best creative and technical solutions, in order to make the best games in the industry.


  • You will be a part of the team responsible to design and build free-to-play game economy

  • Understand how the game economy works and how different customers behave in it

  • Design the economic systems to drive players to play and enhance their game experience

  • Identify and develop the purchase drivers and challenges in the game economy context

  • Investigate different macro economy models for different segments of users

  • Define different metrics that allow you to measure and keep improving

  • Research and design new features that improve long-term player satisfaction, and provide more monetization opportunities

  • Analyze the collected data and report which are the performing/under performing aspects of the game economic model

What we expect

  • A minimum of 4 years' experience in game design, game economy or game development

  • In-depth knowledge of F2P games on mobile, web, and consoles

  • Enjoy working with numbers, formulas, data analysis and excellent skills in Excel

  • Organized and well-developed understanding of game economies

  • Proficient at data-related activities, such as data mining and analytics

  • Able to work in a team and collaborate with different development roleplayers

  • Strong understanding of game development and design evaluation

  • Proficient English with outstanding verbal, written, and visual communication skills


  • A solid understanding of the market and a (fiery) passion for video games

  • Knowledge and experience with mobile RPG and free to play

  • Financial background

  • SQL\R knowledge

What we offer our Employees

  • Your wellbeing: Flexible, hybrid work experience with talented professionals. Also, high work life balance derived from our people-oriented approach

  • Your health: top notch health insurance to employees and immediate family. Furthermore, gym membership or a variety or workout options.

  • Your future: personal and professional tools to assist with your development and journey.

  • Your contribution: A variety of social and charitable initiatives, that we take pride in.

  • And if that wasn't enough a fully and over the top stocked kitchen that will make any supermarket envious……

What's next?

Send us your CV


Found the perfect job for you? Excellent. Send us your resume and a link to your portfolio, if applicable.

Test task


Our recruiters will ask you to perform a test task. This will allow you to demonstrate your professional skills and give us the chance to evaluate your work. If your test task meets our requirements, you will be invited for an interview with the technical team lead.

Professional Interview


This will give you the opportunity to tell us about your experience and allow us to explain the technical aspects of the job. If you live a long way from the studio, we can arrange a Skype interview instead.

Meeting with HR


After the professional/team lead interview, you will meet with our HR specialist. They will give you more information about your development prospects in the company and provide details regarding our employee benefits program.

Meeting with the VP / CEO


In some cases, depending on the position, you will be invited to meet the VP / CEO, for a final decision.

Ready to start


Once the above stages are complete, we will invite you to our studio to make a formal job offer. If you live in another city or country, you can use our relocation program to help you hit the ground running.

First day at work


You're ready to begin life at Plarium. Welcome, friend.

Keeping in touch


We keep all resumes and job applications on file. Don't give up if you're unsuccessful first time round - we'll contact you as soon as a suitable position appears.

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