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About the department:

Plarium is an international company developing mobile, browser, and social games. Over a thousand employees of our studios create unique projects that challenge gamers from all over the globe.

We are looking for a talented and responsible Data Scientist who will actively participate in creation and improvement of the company's projects. Join us and become the hero of game development!


  • Building and optimizing machine learning models (prediction of customer outflow, prevention of cheating, user base segmentation, client profiling, etc.)

  • Preprocessing and cleansing of data, feature engineering, including engineering based on transaction data

  • Data analysis, business analysis

  • Visualization and presentation of the modeling and analysis results

  • Interaction with other departments, assignment of data preparation tasks and tasks of developing internal services and instruments

What we expect:

  • Passion for data science, analysis, and solving difficult tasks

  • Working experience in the directions listed in the Responsibilities section

  • Higher education (at least master's degree) or an academic degree in a field with a dominant component of mathematical modeling (applied mathematics, information technologies, physics, economics, technology, and natural science)

  • Knowledge of the basics of mathematical statistics, mathematical analysis, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, machine learning theory, algorithms, and data structures

  • Knowledge of SQL, experience in working with relational databases and NoSQL databases

  • Experience of developing using Python

  • Working experience with the Unix (bash, sh) command line

  • Communication skills, ability to explain complicated mathematical and technical concepts to a non-specialized audience

  • Knowledge of English (you read professional literature and comprehend oral professional speech)

  • High learning ability, readiness and capability to quickly grasp business problems, create domain models, acquire new technical skills

  • Proactive attitude, entrepreneurial way of thinking, capability of taking responsibility for the result


  • Experience in analysis and modeling of user behavior in such fields as online games, Internet, finances, retail, telecom

  • Working experience with large volumes of data, experience of using instruments of the Hadoop ecosystem (Spark, Hive, Yarn)

  • Experience of developing using С#, Java, Scala, C++

  • Working experience as a data engineer, database administrator

  • Working experience in business intelligence, experience in building data storages, reporting, OLAP cubes

  • Skills of system analysis, description of business processes according to the IDEF, UML, and other methodologies

  • Broad-based mathematical knowledge (game theory, graph theory, combinatorics, mathematical physics, and so on), experience of modeling various physical and economic processes

  • Working experience in data journalism

What we offer our Employees:

  • Participation in developing successful projects for an audience of millions

  • A close-knit team of young and talented like-minded fellows

  • An opportunity to make a dazzling career

  • Personal and professional growth

  • Conferences, training, and seminars to improve your professional skills

  • A workplace in a really cool office

  • Official employment in accordance with the local legislation

Or shoot it to us at [email protected]

What's next?

Send us your CV including examples of your published works and links to them (if the position requires a portfolio). The HR manager and department lead will need 3 working days for consideration.
Test task
If the resume and portfolio meet all the requirements, the HR manager will ask you to complete a test task so that you can get acquainted with the work specifics and we can evaluate your skills.
Waiting for feedback
After we have received your completed task, we will need up to 5 working days to check it. If it meets all the requirements, the HR manager will invite you to an interview.
During the interview, you will have a chance to tell us about your experience and we will tell you about the workflow. If you live in another city or country, we will have a Skype interview. After the interview, we will need from 3 to 5 working days to make a decision.
Job offer
If the decision is made in your favor, the HR manager will send you a job offer. If you live in another city or country, you will receive a relocation compensation (if the offered position is Middle or higher).
Collecting documents
If you accept our offer, the HR manager will send you an appointment card for passing a free medical examination and a list of documents required for joining the company.
First working day
You will start working with us. Welcome!
Second chance
If you didn't get a job at our company on the first try, keep your chin up! We will contact you as soon as we have a suitable position.