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The Data Engineering department is responsible for full-stack design and development of the company's central data & ML services and business platforms. The department is responsible for the overall projects, design, architecture, and development of huge scale and very challenging cloud-based Big Data, machine learning, and business applicative platforms for ensuring excellence in the performance of business aspects including games & product design, marketing, retention, monetization, etc. Department solutions support the optimization of the company's overall business performance.


  • Multi-disciplinary Big Data Architect to design and build scalable and robust data platform, Marketing, CRM, campaign management and other back-office applications
  • Responsible for multi projects at once, being the main source of technical knowledge and experience, facilitating, building (hands-on) and mentoring RnD teams
  • Responsible for cloud infrastructure, architecture, micro-services, CICD,  production environments and for new innovative and complex developments
  • Responsible for research, analysis and performing proof of concepts for new technologies, tools and design concepts
  • Design and development core modules in our big data platform infrastructures (hosting in Google Cloud, services and Kubernetes, based on: Spark Core/Streaming Structure/SQL, Scala, Python, AngularJS, Node.js, Kafka, BigQuery, Redis, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine and TensorFlow)
  • The platform handles huge amounts of data, through complex processing in batch and real time modes, complex data manipulation, using services, UI frameworks and interactive notebooks

What we expect:

  • 8+ years of practical experience with Scala/Python programming languages, excellent programming skills - functional programming, design patterns, data structures and  TDD approach - must
  • 6+ years hands-on experience building large-scale (petabytes), low-latency distributed systems using modern cloud computing technologies  (GCP - preferred , AWS) - must
  • 5+ years experience working in microservices environments, building state-of-the-art data-driven solutions - must
  • 5+ years experience in efficient data modeling using SQL/NoSQL solutions (BQ, ES, MySQL etc) -  must
  • Expert SQL queries knowledge -  you know how to write efficient, low-latency queries vs modern data-warehouse solutions (BQ - preferred, Redshift, Athana etc) - must
  • Experience building large-scale (petabytes) of Streaming/Batch ETL using modern processing engines (Spark - preferred, Beam, Flask etc)
  • Experience working with data streams systems (Kafka - preferred , Pub-Sub or Kinesis)  - must
  • Experience working Data Science/ML (production grade) infrastructure - big advantage
  • Experience working with notebooks solutions (Zeppelin, Jupyter)  - big advantage
  • Experience working storage solutions (hdfs, S3, GCS - preferred)  - big advantage
  • Experience working with CI&CD tools and devops solutions - big advantage
  • Experience working with dockerize and kubernetes solutions - big advantage
  • Team-Player, excellent communication skills vs software engineers, product and external clients - fluent English - must
  • BSc Computer Science/Data Management or equivalent practical experience - must
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