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About the department

We are seeking a highly motivated, experienced individual to join our marketing operations department as a Marketing Project Manager. You work with cross departments to define project scope and requirements, present to internal stakeholders to generate solutions and liaise between the many different moving parts and complexities of any given project, ensuring timeliness and focus. This position requires a unique blend of interpersonal skill and communication acumen, an ability to multitask while retaining attention to detail, and a strong strategic and organizational sense to ensure overlapping timelines and requirements do not hinder progress. Our ideal candidate has understanding with user acquisition/campaign management, 3rd party tracking and attribution know - how, and a general understanding of creative operations.


  • Be an excellent team player who is able build relationships with key cross functional stakeholders while thriving in a highly collaborative, fast - paced, and often ambiguous environment
  • Drive project commitments and establish and maintain clear lines of accountability. Use continuous improvement methods to identify ways to optimize project effectiveness, efficiency, and quality.
  • Compile and disseminate meeting notes, action items, and decisions after key meetings. Write employee training programs, meeting agendas, process documentation.
  • Develop and manage project plans to meet deliverables, including cross - functional project timeline and follow - up with project team members to ensure timely completion of tasks.
  • Schedule, manage, execute, and document against solutions implementation roadmaps, special projects, and strategic initiatives. - Ensure action - item follow - up, and plan strategic off - sites to move the needle on key operational initiatives.
  • Develop project briefs, scope, KPI’s, and follow up summaries and present to Senior Management.
  • Ensure that stakeholders viewpoints are represented in all aspects of work and that our department's vision can realize new, improved, and cross functional process/solutions that are developed and implemented by the relevant stakeholders.
  • Research and develop marketing operations plans, maintaining response operations, and maintaining quality ratings.
  • Keep management informed by preparing reports, preparing presentations, interpreting information, and making recommendations.

What we expect

  • Experience of at least 3 years in Marketing project/ operation management in a marketing agency, gaming, online media company - A must
  • Strong organizational ability, including the ability to maintain close attention to detail while juggling many tasks.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and presentation skills
  • English - Mother Tongue Level.
  • Takes initiative and is a problem solver.
  • Planning and Process management Skills
  • Customer Service oriented
  • Technical understanding
  • Financial planning and strategy
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills through a strategic mindset
  • Bachelor's degree in business management, marketing, or a relevant field

What we offer our Employees

  • Your wellbeing: Flexible, hybrid work experience with talented professionals. Also, high work life balance derived from our people - oriented approach
  • Your health: top notch health insurance to employees and immediate family. Furthermore, gym membership or a variety or workout options.
  • Your future: personal and professional tools to assist with your development and journey.
  • Your contribution: A variety of social and charitable initiatives, that we take pride in.
  • And if that wasn't enough a fully and over the top stocked kitchen that will make any supermarket envious……

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