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About the department

  • The Business Performance department at Plarium is in charge of all the analytical aspects of our game operations and strategic planning: From game design, to user acquisition, player behavior, live-ops, and game optimization (such as monetization, retention, etc). 

We are looking for a team lead in our department, to join our super talented and growing team of team leads and analysts. Our ideal candidate has a keen analytical mindset, together with impacting the business decisions of the company, has an ability to motivate people and loves playing games.

The scope of responsibility for our teams includes analyzing large and complex data sets in order to provide actionable recommendations and conclusions, conducting deep analysis, KPI monitoring, strongly collaborate with relevant stakeholders and departments (game studios, management, marketing, research), gain absolute knowledge of the product, be an analytical focal point, and many more. Our goal is to improve the business and the game, making sure every business decision is backed up with data.


  • Manage a team or teams of 3-4 experienced data analysts, control & prioritize the pipeline of tasks relevant for the team according to the business needs

  • Develop a strong and effective working relationship with the multiple customers in the company, taking an active part in the strategic planning of the product pipeline

  • Assure team outcomes meet the needed high standard - analytical, reliability and business wise

  • Provide team leadership and coaching

  • Proactive monitoring and flagging of ongoing issues, follow up on product updates and changes that might affect performance

  • Be aware of company level strategies and decisions, proactively adjust teams’ direction and tasks according to it and make sure the team is aware of department/company high level activity

  • Make sure there is an effective process of communication of priorities and requirements to data team for implementation

What we expect

  • At least 2 year of management experience in the analytics field

  • At least 2 years of previous experience as a data analyst ; product analytics

  • Able to easily extract key takeaways from data

  • Proactive attitude, entrepreneurial mindset, with a strong work ethic

  • Excellent knowledge of SQL & Excel (Python- an advantage)

  • Excellent understanding of online metrics (Retention, Churn, APPU etc.)

  • Excellent knowledge of statistics and testing methodologies

  • A passion for problem-solving and efficiency

  • Ability to work in a team, share information and give professional guidance

  • Experience working with visualization tools (such as QlikSense, Tableau)

  • High Presentation, communication and project management Skills

  • Excellent English skills

  • An academic degree in an analytical field such as Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering or similar - an advantage 

What we offer our Employees

  • Your wellbeing: Flexible, hybrid work experience with talented professionals. Also, high work life balance derived from our people-oriented approach

  • Your health: top notch health insurance to employees and immediate family. Furthermore, gym membership or a variety or workout options

  • Your future: personal and professional tools to assist with your development and journey

  • Your contribution: A variety of social and charitable initiatives, that we take pride in

  • Your home away from home: A newly renovated office that includes breakfast every morning, a barista to give you your coffee during your workday, an in house gym and workout studio to balance all the delicious food and if you are a musician a fully equipped music room to play around in

  • And an opportunity to work with the best of the best locally and globally in the gaming field

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