Conversion Optimization Specialist

The Marketing Department is the fastest growing department at Plarium, and its focus is not merely to expose as many people as possible to our games, but rather to bring our games to true gamers through rigorous analytics! Marketing is all about combining deep, insightful performance analysis with amazing, impactful creative. Our goal is to optimize our campaigns with the most effective combination of graphics, text and reach to make sure that our games reach those unique individuals who would enjoy them the most.

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) specialist will be responsible for driving conversion to purchase within the company’s web & desktop assets (Web games, gaming portals, LPs and Desktop App). This person will oversee our analytics, testing, tracking and optimization initiatives and will be responsible for suggesting and implementing CRO best practices to optimize touchpoints along the customer journey.

Job responsibilities:

  • Improve conversion rate through all sources of media using analytics tools
  • Execute optimization strategy into the roadmap and key projects based on department/business needs
  • Establish daily funnel monitoring mechanisms to ensure the stability of the main KPIs
  • Test and optimize the user journey from various sources
  • Responsible of all user’s journey touch points from impression to in-game metrics: landing pages, registration, desktop app, notifications, pop-ups etc.
  • Suggest recommendations to the marketing and product teams according to analyses and tests
  • Leverage data to identify areas of opportunity and execute multi-variations and A/B tests
  • Organize multiple tests and timelines while communicating and updating effectively
  • Define conversion roadmap based on trends and potential growth segments
  • Coordinate with designers, web-developers and stakeholders for the implementation of bug fixes, improvements and new features for our assets
  • Devise strategies to maximize the reach and visibility of content and the relevance to local markets
  • Work with Product Managers to shape, conceive & develop our proprietary CRO technology
  • Define CRO workflows and processes

Hard skills:

  • You possess a deep understanding of Google Analytics architecture and abilities & proven experience with this tool (3+ years)
  • You have an experience working with Google Tag Manager GA tracking – planning, deployment and analysis
  • These conversion tools are familiar to you – crazy egg, optimized, Google optimize, hot jar and more
  • You have a creative thinking and can bring added value to UX & UI
  • You own a strong analytical and quantitative mind
  • You are an excellent communicator and a creative thinker, with the ability to use both data and creativity to inform decisions
  • You are performances oriented and a good understanding of business KPI's
  • You have a strategic mind and can derive insights, recommendations and action plans from qualitative market trends, consumer feedback, and large datasets
  • You have a proven track record of leading and executing complex projects independently, and in getting things done in a larger organization where you have dependencies on other teams

Additional hard skills:

  • You possess Good international – multicultural communication skills
  • You are creative and initiative
  • You are a knowledge sharing type of person
  • You are able to participate in technical discussions like selecting a technology/tool
  • The Internet gaming industry is familiar to you
Інші вакансії
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