In the world of hardcore social gaming there are a few key traits that set apart the casual player from the true die hard. We here at Plarium have thought long and hard at what it means to truly be a hardcore social gamer and have come up with 10 signs that show you may have moved off the farm and into the world of hardcore social gaming.

  1. You have more daily alarms on your phone for checking your various game accounts than you do for actual real-live events – like waking up, or your insulin injections.
  2. Like a superhero, you actually have a nemesis. DannyRoxs227, your time will come!!
  3. You can automatically calculate current time zone difference from your region in over thirty-five foreign countries.
  4. You’re running out of creative excuses to sneak off and check your game account. After 10 bathroom breaks, an “emergency call” from your kid’s school, and a violent allergic reaction to gluten in the last 3 hours, your coworkers are starting to suspect.
  5. Your game session equipment includes a calculator, legal pad, pen, four Excel spreadsheets, a headset, cellphone, and webcam.
  6. You regularly see two sunrises in one game session.
  7. The developers know you by name, and regularly ask you to explain their own game mechanics back to them.
  8. Your coworkers are unaware that you secretly command an army of over 2,000 people, and are confused by the messages addressing you as “Sir” and “the one foretold in the prophecy” on your Facebook account.
  9. Other players copy your account name and avatar to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.
  10. Over 300 people you’ve never met wish you happy birthday, know the names of all your pets, relatives, offspring, and current physical condition.
  11. (Bonus) At least 10 people will file a missing persons report if you are offline more than three days in a row.

Think you fit any one or more of the signs above? Share this with a friend; you’re not alone.