Hello friends. My name is Alina, I work as a Community Manager at Plarium, and I’d like to share some tips with you about dealing with difficult customers.

If you communicate with customers on a daily basis, you’re bound to come across one who demands extra special attention sooner rather than later.

Imagine the situation: you sit down at your desk in the morning to be immediately confronted by an angry customer, who demands you fix their problem immediately. How can you find a solution that works for everyone? Here are 7 tips to help you earn the customer’s trust.

1. Focus on turning your customers into brand advocates

Remember, everything is in your hands. If you strike the right note with a customer, you can turn their anger into positivity and cultivate loyalty to your brand. It all depends on your approach – to solve your customer’s problems, you’ll have to be a magician, a counselor, and a best friend all rolled into one.

2. Reduce the tension

Customers tend to get angry when facing a problem they cannot solve on their own. However, no matter how demanding and short-tempered they may be, you must make it clear that their problem is as important to you as it it to them. Before moving on to the matter at hand, take some time to calm the customer down and let them know that they’re in good hands.

3. Listen

When the customer realizes that you take their problem seriously, they will eventually drop the attitude and let you handle the issue in your own way. Once you have reached this stage, dealing with the problem will be much easier.

4. Convince the customer that you are on their side

The customer sees you as part of the machine. To convince them that you’re on side, you have to demonstrate your willingness to run through brick walls and bite through granite to help them. Regardless of the outcome of the issue, if you can show the customer that you gave your best to help, they will usually appreciate it.

5. Be confident and stay calm

While it can often be tempting, never respond to aggression with more aggression — it will only make things worse. In a similar way, you’ll find that calmness is also contagious. Show the customer that you are confident and professional, and you will win their trust.

6. Keep it simple

Assure your customer that you will address their issues as soon as you possibly can, and make sure to keep your word. It is also a good idea to keep the customer up to date about the progress made in fixing their issue — they will appreciate the courtesy.

7. Improve your communication

Remember, this might not be the last time you speak to the customer. However, if you can give the impression of kindness, professionalism, and integrity, it will be easier to communicate with them in future.

Remember, in situations like these, you are the face of the company — the success of the whole team is in your hands. I hope you find these tips helpful. Good luck!