High-quality music is a big part of what makes our games unique in social gaming. We feel that having an amazing soundtrack is just as important as having great artwork and top-quality modelling, so we’ve worked with some of the best composers and studios out there to create something special for our fans. Industry-leading talents such as Jesper Kyd and Andrew Lackie have helped us to craft the soundscapes of each of our immersive game universes; providing the soundtrack to every glorious victory, bitter defeat, and hard-fought battle.

"Sparta: War of Empires" Soundtracks
  1. Sparta - Main Theme - Jesper Kyd
  2. Sparta - Hellas - Jesper Kyd
"Stormfall: Age of War" Soundtracks
  1. Stormfall - Main Theme - Jesper Kyd
  2. Stormfall - Balur's March - Jesper Kyd
"Pirates: Tides of Fortune" Soundtracks
  1. Pirates - Main Theme - Jesper Kyd
  2. Pirates - The Conquistadors - Jesper Kyd
"Soldiers Inc." Soundtracks
  1. Soldiers Inc - Main Theme - Jesper Kyd
  2. Soldiers Inc - Zheng Shi Rising - Jesper Kyd
  3. Soldiers Inc. - Meltdown - Jesper Kyd
"Sparta: War of Empires"