Nords: Heroes of the North

Try out a new addictive online strategy game where you and your friends can fight rival clans for fortune, glory, and unlimited power! Watch gloriously animated battles, choose and upgrade your Champion – all while enjoying top-tier graphics!

Many generations ago, an evil Ice Queen ruled the northern land of Shingård, causing its population of Elves, Orcs and viking Northmen much woe and frostbite. It was only by setting aside their historic feuds and working together that they were finally able to conquer her. They teamed up and enlisted the help of the Great Dragons, harnessing the power of their fire with Elven magic, human ingenuity and Orcish strength. Together, they reduced the Ice Queen to an extremely vindictive puddle. Spring came for the first time, and Shingårdians went back to happily fighting amongst each other. Unfortunately, the Ice Queen has risen again – and she’s brought along an evil army of undead to boot. That’s right – zombies. The Great Dragons are long extinct, so the only way Shingård stands a chance is if the surviving Nords, Elves, and Orcs put aside their differences, and join together under the banner of the greatest Hero the North has ever seen.
Prove that you’re worthy of claiming the title of Lord Marshal:

  • Build and develop your Stronghold;
  • Raise an invincible army and challenge the Cold Legions – as well as your neighbors – and watch them fight it out in the new battle animations;
  • Step into a fantasy world of immersive fully-voiced gameplay (featuring Patrick Warburton as King Björn) with an amazing soundtrack by Jesper Kyd;
  • Join the fray, crush your enemies and forge your way into the historical sagas of the North!