Vikings: War of Clans

In the distant lands of deep rivers and majestic fjords, cold winds blow, storms rage and blizzards whirl. Only the fierce Vikings can survive here. For them, death is but a path to Valhalla.
There is no place for fear and weakness in the North. Only those whose bravery verges on insanity are capable of coming to these lands and claiming them!

Become a mighty Jarl:

  • Plunge into a world of exciting adventures and great conquests
  • Build an impregnable fortress in the never-ending frost
  • Draft a mighty army to fend off your bitterest enemies
  • Acquire knowledge that will give you the blessing of the gods
  • Equip your warriors with weapons, ammunition and siege engines
  • Find friends brave and true – create a strong clan or join an existing one! Fight better together!

Create your unassailable stronghold on the desolate land ravaged by centuries of Viking feuds! Destroy anyone who stands in your way and the North in all its ruthlessness will kneel before you, oh fearless one!