Throne: Kingdom at War

The Kingdom of Amaria is in turmoil! King Gerhard, long the holder of the reins of supreme power, has suddenly died. This has thrown the entire realm into conflict as the noblest heirs and the bravest Lords from far and wide have come together to fight for the throne! This eternal battle for fame, might, and gold has never before been seen in this land. Not only the throne but the fate of the entire kingdom lies in the balance!

Join the epic fight:

  • Plunge headfirst into an ancient, medieval world.
  • Fight against rival Lords in a Tournament for the title of King; whoever bears this title is able to bestow Reputations on Lords that will increase or decrease their combat ability, wealth, and right to collect tribute in Silver.
  • Capture Resource locations on the Kingdom Map and fend off attackers while Resources are being gathered.
  • Participate in Quests and accomplish Errands: Gain Power points and become the strongest Lord by achieving the highest ranking.
  • Take part in PvP or PvE battles, form joint raids on enemy Towns, protect your own lands from other players and NPCs, and ask allies in your Order for reinforcements when you’re down to your last soldier.

Build your Town, train thousands of valiant warriors, and assemble a powerful army capable of crushing any obstacles that stand in your way. Fight alone or together with allies, creating your own noble Order or joining an existing one. Prove that you deserve the right to ascend to the throne and rule the Kingdom!