Terminator Genisys: Future War

The future is here: the past burned in Judgment Day’s nuclear flames. The Earth is a scorched arena for the war between humans and machines. The borders between Dimensions have thinned, and the battle cry resounds through time and space. Nobody can escape this final fight!

Combat robots and reckless rebels are ready for this decisive battle. Skynet’s Central Core lies destroyed and John Connor has disappeared — now YOU must lead the army!

  • Head steel legions of cyber intellect or fearless Resistance troops
  • Choose a Leader with unique bonuses and send them on a triumphant march
  • Create a Clan or join an existing one — become first among the best
  • Prepare a powerful army and capture the Time Machine
  • Test your strength against Commanders from around the globe
  • Acquire Dominance and time itself will obey you

Join the fight and forge the new world’s history!