Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

The next evolution of Soldiers Inc. is here!

The year is 2037 and the evil Phoenix Corporation has taken control of Selva De Fuego – the world’s only source of a new lifesaving serum. The world has declared war on Phoenix, giving every private military and mercenary force a green light to invade Selva De Fuego and do whatever it takes to crush the rogue corporation.

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is our latest hardcore strategy MMO featuring a new level of advanced gameplay and groundbreaking graphics, including characters and maps created using motion capture and 3D scanning technology!

Get ready for the next level of global warfare:

  • Train and Upgrade your Units and combat systems to create an unstoppable army
  • Participate in intense, tactical PvP battles against players from around the world
  • Forge an alliance, cooperate with teammates, and devise strategies to defeat your rivals
  • Hire mercenary soldiers, autonomous drones, and powerful armored vehicles to defeat Phoenix
  • Develop and deploy the next generation of military weapons across an ever-evolving battlefield
  • Attack or Defend – reposition your Base and customize your outposts to execute your strategy
  • Choose a Hero and improve them by equipping high-level gear