Alliance Heroes of the Spire

A long time ago, a magical cataclysm nearly destroyed the world. The survivors of this disaster took refuge at a magically protected place — a giant tower of rock called the Spire. At the Spire, the survivors founded a new city and rebuilt their society. Every day, new heroes (like you!) take Airships out into the ruins of the world, exploring for treasure and glory. On the horizon, a second cataclysm threatens — but this time, the Heroes of the Spire will be ready!

Collect Memorable Heroes, Build Your Best Teams, Unite With Your Alliance, And Battle For Global Supremacy…


  • Summon hundreds of unique Heroes
  • 19 Unique Item Sets
  • Fire, Water, Nature, Order, and Chaos elements


  • Ascend your heroes to unlock new abilities and skins
  • Combine item sets for epic bonuses
  • Socket gems for powerful item enchantments


  • Explore countless Rifts and claim your glory!
  • Develop optimal team strategies based on Hero Ability synergies
  • Defeat mythical boss encounters for legendary rewards
  • Challenge friends to PvP combat
  • Never stop playing – Offline Battle Mode allows you to play while you are away


  • Create or join a Guild
  • Build Powerful Alliances
  • Compete in Epic Alliance PvP