Total Domination

Humanity has been ravaged by a global plague. Those few billion that made it to safety quickly descended into a brutal civil war and reduced Earth to a smoking, irradiated ruin. The scattered pockets of the old Imperial Command that still remain are on the brink of extinction… and your outpost stands alone in the Wastelands.
Your mission? Rebuild society, form your own faction with other survivors, and launch your campaign of global conquest. The Wasteland is ready for a new era… are you ready for Total Domination™?

Game Highlights

  • Master new technologies, unleash devastating weapons, and seize vital resources.
  • Assemble an unstoppable army from over 30 powerful Infantry, Armor, Artillery, and Air units.
  • Customize your troops, discover ancient artifacts, and protect your territory from your rivals.
  • Meet fully-voiced characters from across the Wastelands as you take on global co-op missions and single player campaigns.
  • In-game events and competitions offer limitless non-player and player opponents, and new ways to work with or betray your fellow commanders.
  • Join one of over 20,000 Clans for massive live MMORTS warfare.
  • Raid your enemies, occupy your rivals, declare war, issue timed challenges, or jump into clan rivalries –there are many roads to Total Domination.
  • Weekly updates constantly offer new units, buildings, technologies, and defensive improvements for your sector.