Plarium Michigan Studio exists to guide the vision and execution of next generation mobile game development projects. With an emphasis on high quality, scientific game design, the Plarium Michigan team manages artistic and programming production and requirements of one of Plarium’s overseas development studios, in order to prototype and ultimately produce the next mega-hit. The Plarium Michigan team is also responsible for all aspects of the project’s game design – from systems design, content/level design, play balance, narrative elements, and UI/User Experience.

The Plarium Michigan team consists of industry veterans with experience managing remote teams across a variety of game genres. We believe strongly in enabling a goal oriented, scientific game design culture, with a passion for producing quality experiences. We believe that current mobile titles are scratching the surface of what the platform has to offer, and we aim to produce deep games that utilize the platform like no other has. We aim to bring new experiences to mobile by marrying engaging, well designed core gameplay with the compelling systems design of free to play games.

Job Summary:

Plarium Michigan is looking for a passionate game designer with a background in gameplay content design to work on an in-development project. As a Content Designer, you will spend most of your time creating levels, designing gameplay content, and configuring the technology and art assets produced by our remote teams. You will also support the documentation teams to ensure that they have sufficient information about new content.

At Plarium Michigan, you will be part of a small team of professionals who operate as the brain and product vision behind the games we make. We operate in a culture that encourages participants to question everything and discuss matters with a goal-oriented approach. You shouldn’t be afraid to propose ridiculous ideas that challenge boundaries and promote out of the box thinking – in fact, we encourage it!

Though the emphasis of this position is on creating content, you will also have the opportunity to engage in other aspects of game design.


Our ideal Content Designer is a game enthusiast who loves to create new experiences. You should have a strong sense of what makes user actions in games feel great, and have a strong technical understanding of the mechanics of how those elements work. You thrive on seeing your ideas come to life, and can’t rest until an implementation is tuned to feel perfect. As one of our primary designers generating content, speed and quality for content generation is important.

  • At least 3 years of work experience as a Game Designer, preferably on gameplay content in an RPG-like game
  • Strong Unity3D familiarity
  • A passion for communicating ideas with others and reconciling different viewpoints
  • Strong written skills in the form of presentation/design documentation
  • Passion for core gaming (RPGs are a plus)


  • Level design experience on a shipped product

What we offer:

  • Open PTO
  • Generous 401k matching
  • Competitive health insurance
  • Competitive salaries
  • Personal annual R&D budget for use on any form of media/entertainment
  • Participation in a world-class studio dedicated to game design

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