C# .NET Server-Side Developer

Ukraine, Kharkiv

Project description:

The successful candidate will be working on a high load server project with scalable distributed architecture, based on .NET, ASP.NET, and Microsoft SQL Servers.

Consistency in the distributed environment is ensured through queueing and eventual consistency, caching, and the optimization of node interaction algorithms. We use a real time profiling infrastructure – designed in-house – in order to diagnose and prevent issues related to performance and scalability.

You will be able to:

  • Write code that will help process thousands of server requests per second
  • Work together with experts from other studios, including engineers and social network/platform developers
  • Develop a system that transfers up to 200 GB of statistical content daily
  • Implement a wide variety of patterns, approaches, and technologies into the projects you are responsible for


  • Implementing methods for efficient memory management using pools of objects and buffers
  • Solving issues related to multithreading, caching, and distributed calculations
  • Designing and developing new game features
  • Optimizing and scaling tools for server profiling and monitoring
  • Expanding the capacity of the technology stack
  • Implementing new solutions and approaches to server development


  • At least three years of experience in software development
  • Experience designing and scaling server solutions based on the Microsoft .NET stack
  • Understanding of the principles of object-oriented design
  • Knowledge of design patterns, data structures, and algorithms
  • Knowledge of multithreading and the development of scalable solutions
  • Knowledge of relational data storage, transactions, and SQL
  • Understanding of client-server architecture and usage of HTTP, HTTPS and TCP/IP protocols


  • Ability to create P2P and ISS solutions in addition to ASP.NET and ISAPI extensions
  • Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2008–2015 and MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Understanding of the principles of NoSQL
  • Experience in using С++, ActionScript, and JavaScript

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to be involved throughout our full product development cycle
  • Professional seminars, workshops, training programs, and the opportunity to attend industry conferences
  • Officially registered full-time employment and 28 days of paid vacation leave
  • A complete and inclusive medical insurance package for all employees and their children
  • Free assistance planning and booking trips from our in-house travel managers
  • Free assistance with personal legal matters from our in-house legal team
  • Educational English programs, including lessons with native speakers
  • A fully-equipped gym and yoga classes, all housed within our office