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C# .NET Developer (Integration)

Ukraine, Kharkiv

About the project:

We handle the integration of our games with external platforms and social networks. Our system was the first to support Facebook Graph API v. 2.0, and it received the highest possible score under the “Number of integrated features” category on Facebook’s Game Review.

One of our biggest achievements is the development of a billing system for processing and analyzing payments across all Plarium projects, impacting over 180 million players. The system currently supports about one hundred various payment methods and continues to expand in order to support more.

The team also handles: Internal services for setting up and configuring gaming projects, a system for VIP user support, sending push-notifications to mobile and desktop devices, real-time state monitoring of the game client and downloading of game updates across all 11 of the company’s projects.

The client side utilizes AngularJS, React, D3.js, Highcharts, TComb, Bivrost, Lodash, Angular Material. The server side is based on .NET, ASP. NET MVC, OWIN, MS SQL Server, MySQL and MongoDB.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in the development of architecture for the company’s projects and manage huge data sets
  • Apply cutting-edge technologies within existing and upcoming projects
  • Be the first to implement new products from Facebook and other partner companies


  • Structuring and launching new billing systems in the company’s gaming projects
  • Creating new tools to monitor and set up the gaming client
  • Integrating existing projects with social network APIs and other systems, including billing
  • Optimizing the current functionality
  • Taking part in the development of the administrative interface of the billing system


  • 2+ years of work experience in software development
  • Strong knowledge of C# and ASP.NET MVC
  • Understanding of, and experience implementing, OOD principles and various design patterns
  • Good understanding of technical English


  • Experience working with Facebook API

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to be involved throughout our full product development cycle
  • Professional seminars, workshops, training programs, and the opportunity to attend
    industry conferences
  • 28 days of fully paid vacation
  • A complete and inclusive medical insurance package for all employees and their children, as well as 24/7 medical assistance
  • Educational English programs, including lessons with native speakers
  • Professional personal trainers with a fully-equipped gym and specialized yoga classes, all housed within our office
  • Free assistance with personal legal matters from our in-house legal team
  • Free assistance planning and booking trips from our in-house travel managers
  • Assistance with relocation from other cities or countries, if applicable

About the company:

Plarium is an international software development company specializing in mobile, browser, and social games. Plarium’s Kharkiv Studio is looking for talented professionals to join our team and help us create exciting new projects. Our games are currently played by more than 250 million users across 150 countries!