Our Tinker has learned the mystery o’ harnessin’ th' power behind yer espresso machine to build devilish engines o’ destruction! Sea power will never be the same again!

NEW UNITS – Zeppelin Scouts, Gyrodyne Scouts, Nautilus Submarines, and Tempest Ornithopters

NEW RESOURCE - Build the Manufactory to begin producing GEARS for your new units.

NEW BUILDINGS – Manufactory, Steamworks

Start mastering these new Discoveries now!



Ahoy Captains,

We’ve added some new updates and feature, take a moment to familiarize yourself your ship’s new rigging!

- Brotherhood members can now expand their Brotherhood for free using Voodoo Dolls
- Brotherhood leaders can now control King’s Pardon usage privileges for their crew
- Use the new inactivity log to see who in your Brotherhood’s fallen overboard
- Brotherhood leaders can now check to see who is sending resources to their Presidios



It's time to see who truly are the foulest, most fearsome pirate Brotherhoods plying the waves!

Capture Presidios, pardon your units, and wreak havoc and destruction to claim fame and glory for your Brotherhoods! The victors will sail off with permanent Brotherhood Bonuses to use against your competition - not to mention fat bounties for participating Brotherhood Members!



Prizes have been spotted off the port-bow!

Prizes are ships or locations on the Sea Map that have either been captured by the evil forces of the Spanish Fleet, or are under threat of being boarded! Punish this insult by sending in your most merciless Pirates – we’ll show the scurvy bilge rats what happens when they dare to hunt in Pirate waters!

By sending your Pirates to take these Prizes, you can liberate friendly units, collect mission items, seize resources as booty, or gain experience points.



Buildin' the Witch Doctor's Hut lets ye trade in yer shiny Pearls for powerful Voodoo magic! With a few fetish dolls, incantations, n' other such devilry, the Witch Doctor can use these 'ere Pearls to speed your units on their way, reduce their construction time, and grant yer Haven powerful advantages!

In exchange for Pearls, the Witch Doctor will use his occult powers to help you customize the different attributes of your Haven and Units. To manage your Pearls and choose which traits you wish to enhance, you must first build the Witch Doctor's Hut.



New Haven Decorations!

Rival Captains, plundering brigands, and foul sea monsters! Your Haven needs all the protection it can get! Click here to add cool new improvements to raise your defense bonus andinstill fear in your enemies!



New Haven Decorations!

Rival Captains, plundering brigands, and foul sea monsters! Your Haven needs all the protection it can get! Click here to add cool new improvements to raise your defense bonus andinstill fear in your enemies!




The war will now become more fierce not only on land but at sea!

Dread Fleet has now vessels to offer!

HMS Reliant

Precision sighted long guns, a massive fighting deck, and a draft shallow enough allowing her to maneuver close to shore make this heavy defensive barque ideal for close-in coastal defense. When protected by a fleet of Gunboats and Men O' War, she can easily resist all but the most dedicated attack.

HMS Invincible

The first of a new line of Steamships from the Royal Shipyards, she was to be the symbol of British naval sea power (before her crew mutinied four hours into her maiden voyage). Her massive guns and ability to sail without wind make her a formidable opponent – and when supporting Brigantines and Frigates, she truly lives up to her name.

Set a course for the Smuggler’s Den to put ‘em through their paces!

-Capt. “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley




Look what exotic creatures have come to join us in battle!

War Elephant

Trained to defend the trading posts of the African Coastline from marauding slavers, raiders, and Barbary Pirates, these War Elephants fear neither man, beast, nor spirit. Their crushing psychological impact on would-be attacker's moral makes these Pirate Pachyderms a fine addition to any Haven defense.

Each additional Defensive Mercenary crew supporting the War Elephant receives a bonus to its defensive statistics.

We also have new technologies on our side, my seadogs!

Le Grande Cannon

A giant bronze cannon that sends your enemies straight off to Davy Jones with a "bang", and in very small pieces.The more offensive Mercenaries you have crewing this beauty, faster it can pummel entire islands to back into the sea. It doesn't exactly make for a small target, so don't use it for defense.

Set a course for the Smuggler’s Den to put ‘em through their paces!

-Capt. “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley



Avast, ye villainous codfish!

Now you can now recruit even more horrendous crew to your Dread Fleet!

Captain Flint

Meet the foulest, cruelest, most ruthless demon of a man to walk a deck since Blackbeard - Captain Flint! He is a match for any dozen Pirates (alive or dead). His notorious habit of shooting the slowest members of his crew in the back when attacking enemy ships has made him a legend in naval motivational history. Each additional Offensive Pirate unit under his command receives a bonus to his offensive statistics!


You can also take advantage of Master Van Der Voort's latest addition to his fleet of flying machines - the Airship! The Airship is considerably more effective than the regular Flying Dutchman at scouting enemy Havens and protecting your port from prying eyes. Each additional Flying Dutchman that takes to the skies with the Airship receives an additional bonus to scouting and counter-scouting statistics.

Set a course for the Smuggler’s Den to put ‘em through their paces!

-Capt. “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley




The stakes are higher, the battles are bigger, and the seas are more dangerous than ever before! What with these Spaniards and Monsters, we’re losing men left n’ right! This will never do!

So... I’ve called in some extra help. From now on, every Haven will have access to a Ship’s Surgeon. Using all the latest advancements that 17th century Pirate medicine has to offer (sharper saws, padded tourniquets, gags, n’ strong rum), he’ll patch your boys up right as rain - plus or minus a limb or two.

The Surgeon allows you to recover a certain percentage of any units you've lost in battle within the last 7 days. His services come at a price - your lost Units will be revived at a discount of 20% off their original selling price in Rubies at the Smuggler's Den - so use him wisely.

Don’t let them sissies slack off just because they’re short a hand or eye or foot - that’s what hooks and patches are for! Slap a peg-leg on 'em and send 'em back into battle!


Capt. “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley

Captains! The day has come - the Dread Fleet has arrived!


New foul spirits from beyond the grave and legendary creatures of the briny deep are ready to join your fight for domination over the High Seas!

The vengeful spirits of the Plague Ship, doomed to sail on for eternity avenging their horrible deaths upon the living, are now at your service. A terrifying weapon to lead any Armada attack, the very sight of this ship will consign your foes to pestilence and death!

Each additional Offensive Armada unit sailing with the Plague Ship receives an offensive bonus.

The Kraken needs no introduction. If you're bold enough to chain the beast before your harbor, he'll turn attacking Fleet ships into kindling. When his grasping tentacles drive your foes towards your waiting Submarines - there's even less chance of escape.

Each Submarine working with the Kraken receives an additional defensive bonus.

So, captains... will you dare to make an alliance with these supernatural creatures for the domination over the Spanish Main? Or wait for your enemies to do it first? The choice be yours!

Now available at the Smuggler’s Den!

We’ve sighted the Spaniard!


Step lively now, ye swabs!

The lookouts have spotted sails over the horizon! Spanish, by the look of ‘em... it seems as if his Royal Kingship Carlos-Ferdinand weren’t just blowing hot air n’ pretty words! Aye, he’s up to something alright - I’d bet me finest ship on it. Keep a weather-eye to the horizon lads... ‘tis fine weather for a fight.



Ahoy, Captains!

The evil Spanish King Carlos-Ferdinand IV has declared open warfare upon all Pirate Brotherhoods!

There’s only one hope for survival - the abandoned Spanish Presidios scattered across the Caribbean. It’s a race against the King’s Fleet and your rival Pirate Brotherhoods - whoever captures and holds the most Presidios will have dominion over the Spanish Main! The let the battle for the Caribbean begin!

No Captain can do it alone! - to join the fight you must ally with an existing Brotherhood, or start your own.

Beware! The Presidios may be heavily defended by the Spaniards or rival Brotherhoods. Taking them will require teamwork and careful coordination.

Presidios can be managed with the help of your Brethren Court. Your Master at Arms will send you reports about everything that happens in your Brotherhood's Presidios, and your Merchant will help inform you about Resource deliveries to your Presidios as you work to rebuild them.

You can find more info about Presidios in the Help Window.

The Presidios await their new Masters! Who shall it be? You and your brave Pirate Brethren, your rivals… or the ruthless forces of the Spanish Armada? The let the battle for the Caribbean begin!



Hidden deep within the forgotten places of the world's oceans lay powerful Relics from across the centuries... any Captain lucky enough to find them may harness their arcane powers towards crushing his rivals and satisfying his lust for gold n’ glory!

Start scourin’ the seas to find their resting places - The Spire of Atlantis, The Lost Temple, Blackbeard’s Cove, and the Mythical City o’ Cibola Aquaticus. If fortune smiles upon ye, a lucky Pirate may also stumble upon ‘em in the heat of battle.

Good luck to ye, and off ye go! For as ye Pirates know.... ‘tis finders keepers!

All hail the mighty Brethren of Pirates!


Ahoy, me hearties! "Tis the finest o'the days when "Pirates: Tides of Fortune" claimed 3,000,000 of bold and fearless Captains that lead their Crew and battle their ways through the Seven Seas of Odnoklassniki! We thank yer, good gentlemen o'Fortune, for hoisting the Jolly Roger with us! Three sheets to th' wind!

Brave Italian seafarers be no stranger to the Spanish Main!


Have ye not heard o’ Amerigo Vespucci - the brilliant navigator what discovered these ‘ere waters? Or the infamous Louis “Cut Nose” Chigizola and Vincenzo Gambi - two o’ the fiercest n’ most bloodthirsty buccaneers to ever sail with the famed Cap’n Jean Lafitte his own self!

Aye, ‘tis with great pleasure we be offerin’ Pirates: Tides of Fortune in the Italian tongue. Welcome aboard, and buona fortuna!

Dark Corsair’s Graves


Advances in modern necromancy now let you summon extra Dark Corsairs each day! Check your Improvements to purchase Corsairs’ Graves - each one you dig gives you an extra Black Spot to use on your friends! Start digging!

New Skins for Pirate Haven


Arrr. Here be the problem with deserted pyrate hideaways - if ye've seen one, ye've seen 'em all... No longer!
By a cunning use o' simple optics, an old oil lamp, n' this here lookin' glass - 'tis now possible to choose the appearance o' yer Haven before th'eyes o'them what gaze upon it!
Stop by the Smugglers Den to choose from exotic locales from myth, legend, n' the farthest reaches o' th' globe! Terrifyin' stronghold or land o' legend - the choice be yarrrs, me bucko!

Pirate Quests



Proud we be to announce a new feature for Pirates: Tides of Fortune – Quests!

Before ye be several new shiny buttons. Click ‘em to access new Quests for which ye may receive free units, points o’ experience, n’ sundry other treasures!

They be easy for now: Construction, Recruitin’, n’ Masterin’ new Discoveries. .. But the risk (n’ rewards, har-har) will only increase…

Don’t waste this ‘ere opportunity – new Quests involvin’, pillage n’ combat be on the way soon!

Pirates: Tides of Fortune now on Facebook!


ARRR! Grab your cutlass and prepare to raise anchor - Pirates: Tides of Fortune has boarded Facebook! Come join in the adventure as you battle to wealth and infamy on the high seas! Be sure to check in here for new updates – we’ve got some awesome new surprises and features locked down in the hold, and we’ll be announcing them here first!

On January 11th "Pirates: Tides of Fortune" launches exclusively on Google+!


Raise your Pirate Haven from a nameless desert island to the bustling hub of your Pirate Empire. Sail against rival pirate fleets as you use your cunning, cannon, and cutlass to become Scourge of the Seven Seas!

Arrr! "Pirates: Tides of Fortune" launches on vkontakte!


Rally your crew, hoist the Jolly Roger and sail out on the Seven Seas!